Parade of Sail photos

Strait of Canso Yacht Club Boats lit up the skies on Friday night with the Parade of Sail.
(Click photos to enlarge).
(Photos of the Sailboat Race here)

Marina boatsGetting ready for the Parade of Sail (CM photo)

Jon and Wade boatsJon and Wade preparing the boat (CM photo)

Jon MacNeilGetting in line for the start of the Parade (CM photo)

Getting ready parade of sailsLeaving dock (CM photo)

Maurina Lewis Maurina Lewis and crew (CM photo)

Parade of sails 2Sunset on the Strait of Canso.  (CM photo)

Parade of sails Parade of sail – Pelrine boat (CM photo)

Parade of sails 3Parade of Sail begins (CM photo)

Parade of sails 8Parade of Sail view from front of line (CM photo)

Peter on boatPeter MacDonald leads the Parade of Sail (CM photo)

Parade of sails MO 3Beautiful sunset on Strait of Canso (M.O’Leary photo)

Parade sails MO 2O’Leary boat

Parade sails MOParade of Sail stops traffic (M.O’Leary photo)

Parade of sails 4Parade of Sail back to dock (CM photo)

FleetParade of Sail (D. Stewart photo)

HighlandBelleHighland Belle (D. Stewart photo)

JointVentuedJoint Venture (D. Stewart photo)

SeaBreezeSea Breeze and Mellow Yellow (D. Stewart photo)

Parade of Sail MP 5

Parade of Sail (M. Pelrine photo)

Parade of Sail MP 2Parade of Sail (M. Pelrine photo)

Parade of Sail MP 3Parade of Sail (M. Pelrine photo)

Parade of Sail MP 4Parade of  Sail (M. Pelrine photo)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this awesome night!

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